Are you interested in ghosts in and around Salem, Massachusetts?

Salem is known as “Witch City,” in connection with Salem’s 1692 Witch Trials, as well as its modern-day witch, Wiccan, and Pagan communities.

Most (not all) of Salem seems fine with its Witch Trial history, but — until 2010 or so — less comfortable with its ghosts.

In 2008, I encountered many closed doors when I raised the subject. Many of Salem’s shops, hotels, and historical sites were happy to talk about their connections to 1692 as well as the area’s maritime history. Their ghosts…? Not such a comfortable subject.

However, those insights served me well. I’m always skeptical when a site — realizing that “ghosts” might be a financial asset — suddenly claims to be haunted.

When several “ghost tours” popped up after 2008, I was (and still am) very skeptical. The Salem Night Tours ghost tour is the only one I can recommend.

Ghost reports I confirmed before the 2008 financial crunch include:

  • Chestnut Street – several private homes.
  • Fool’s Mansion, on Essex Street – basement, plus mild activity at the back room.
  • Gallows Hill, but only the overgrown areas.
  • Hawthorne Hotel, but only slightly haunted in a few rooms.
  • Hex, shop on Essex Street.
  • Lawe’s Hill burial ground.
  • Lyceum Restaurant, site of Bridget Bishop’s property. (In my opinion, not as haunted as reported, but it does have some ghostly activity.)
  • Old Burying Point (next to the Salem Witch Memorial).
  • Pub/restaurant/club site at the corner of Derby Street, adjoining Old Burying Point. (Ownership has changed so often, I stopped listing the name. It’s the only one there, and the upstairs is most haunted.)
  • Rev. Mr. Parris’ home site in Danvers. The foundation is still visible.
  • The site of the old jail.
  • Salem Inn – both “houses” (especially room 17) and the basement, as well.
  • Salem Night Tours meetup location on Essex Street – basement.
  • Salem Witch Museum, especially the bookstore area. (The staff may deny this, but I’ve heard enough convincing first-person stories to be certain it’s one of Salem’s most haunted locations.)
  • The Witch House (Judge Corwin’s house), as well as the churchyard next to it.

Safest place not to run into ghosts: Brothers’ Deli on Derby Street. (They also have great, affordable food, served cafeteria-style.)

About Fiona Broome

Fiona Broome, authorI’m the author of the articles at this website. I’m also the author of more than a dozen books related to ghosts and paranormal activity.

If you’d like to learn more about ghost hunting, visit Ghosts101.com.

If you’d like to learn more about me and my research, visit FionaBroome.com.

Some of my books include:

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About this website

This website is kindly hosted by WordPress.com, free of charge. In return, they may place advertising on some pages at this website. Generally, it’s unobtrusive.

Here’s why I’m using WordPress.com  hosting:

  • It saves me the inconvenience of updating my entire site every time WordPress or a website feature changes.
  • In addition, WordPress.com seems to use better servers than the ones I’ve used in the past.
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About my (unpublished) book about Salem’s ghosts

Many people ask about my book, The Ghosts of Salem, Massachusetts. It was planned as a sequel to The Ghosts of Austin, Texas.

So, for many  years, I’ve been under contract to write a book about Salem’s ghosts, but it has never been published.

While I was completing the manuscript, the tone changed at that publishing house. I’m sure some of it was due to their inventory losses when their New Orleans warehouse flooded during Katrina.

Soon after, 2008 presented additional financial pressures. Contract discussions came to an abrupt halt, and we were not able to agree on anything.

After that, another management change — this one, more significant — opened the door to new negotiations. We agreed that I’m still under contract for two, region-specific ghost hunting books.

However, by then I’d shared my key Salem insights with Rosemary Guiley and she’d written her own book about Salem’s ghosts.

Until my original publisher and I reach a more equitable agreement, this book is “on hold.” I like to think that’s not permanent.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing my research. I’ve discovered things that aren’t on my websites and were never shared with Ms. Guiley. So, I do have more to say, if the book ever gets the “green light” to progress.

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