Who is Fiona Broome?

Fiona Broome has been researching Salem’s ghosts since the late 1990s. She conducted intensive, on-site research in Salem in early 2008, before many Salem locations decided they had a ghost… sometimes for financial reasons.

So, Fiona’s research is grounded in fact, not anything invented by commercial locations as a marketing ploy.

To learn more about Fiona’s Salem research — and any updates about her book — visit GhostsSalem.com. (That link will take you to the Salem section of HollowHill.com, Fiona’s book & media hub with more photos, articles, videos, and freebies.)

Want to learn more about Fiona Broome and her innovative research?


Fiona’s biggest, long-term website, HollowHill.com, is now the hub for Fiona’s books — past, present, and future — with color photos, some videos, free worksheets, and more.

Fiona’s personal website is still at FionaBroome.com. Elsewhere on the ‘net, her other, popular websites include:

  • Ghosts101.com – How-to information about ghost hunting, including her free,four-week course, Introduction to Ghost Hunting.
  • Ghosts101.com/HauntedPlaces -Descriptions of haunted places Fiona has investigated.
  • Ghosts101.com/Lab – Fiona’sinfrequent blog about off-the-wall and highly speculative research ideas. Advanced concepts. Not for the general public.
  • FaerieMagick.com – Historical and modern views about the faerie realm. Includes fact and folklore, plus some of Fiona’s original fiction.
  • MandelaEffect.com – A meeting place for people who clearly recall alternate historical events.


Ghost Hunting in Haunted CemeteriesThese are Fiona’s books currently in print, and where to find them. Others are either on the drawing board, in progress, or under revision.


The following books include articles or stories Fiona has written. In most cases, her work isn’t identified — not story-by-story, anyway — but you’ll find her name listed among the contributors. About half of these books are still in print. The rest are collectibles, rare, and sometimes hard to find.

Required legal notice: If you buy a book Fiona has written, she may earn royalties from that sale.

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